A downloadable game for Windows

small game made for the Cultivation jam 2022.


Plant, Harvest,  Sell crops to buy some decorations for your shed and garden. 

🌱 10 Plants.

🪑 46 Decorations.

❔ Tiny secrets & references.


🎮 Controls:

- WASD or Arrows: move,  jump

- Space: jump

- F: interact

- Tab: open\close inventory

- S: plant\water\harvest

- Left click: place decoration

- Right click: grab decoration

Yes,  that's a lot..



- Programming, art,  sounds, and design: me

- Font: monogram by vmenezio

- Some sounds frombigsoundbank

- Inspires too much stuff from Pengu never left

- Special thanks to Team Dogpit for hosting the jam


🔧Tools used:

- GameMaker studio 2: game engine

- Aseprite: pixel art

- FL Studio: sound design

- Jodo: todo list


Install instructions



plantarium.zip 10 MB

Development log


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This is soooo cool! good job!